Advise against cultivation of paddy is a Tughlaq act : Gudur

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Bhartiya Janata Party state senior leader Gudur Narayana Reddy on Monday has made it clear that advise of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao against cultivation of paddy in the next summer season was a Tughlakq act.
In a media statement, he said it seems that the Chief Minister was tired of making promises and he was reneging on them. Last year the CM said that the government would buy each grain of paddy and now washing hands off on that promise. He said that restricting the farmers from cultivating paddy would mess up the agriculture activities.
“Media reports have been suggesting that the government was not in a position to buy the paddy in the summer season. In a review meeting being held on Sunday, the Chief Minister has reportedly felt that it would be better to discourage paddy cultivation in next summer season. He has cited the comments of Union Agriculture minister in this regard,” Narayana Reddy said.
He said that to cover up the failures in protecting the interests of the farmers, the Chief Minister is blaming the Centre. On the pretext that the Centre was not ready to buy boiled rice in summer, the Chief Minister has been advising the farmers of the state not to go for cultivation of paddy and washing hands off.
He said that discouraging paddy cultivation without making alternative arrangements would mess up the agriculture sector in the state. He said that government should come out with a proper plan before restricting the farmers from cultivating paddy.
He wanted to know if the government was not in favor of cultivation of paddy on a large scale why it has been constructing irrigation projects. “Had the Chief Minister not visualize the scenario of the agriculture sector after the completion of irrigation projects? What alternative crops could be cultivated under the command area? What happens to the thousands of crores of rupees of public money being spent on irrigation projects, if their water was not used?” he wondered.
Narayana Reddy said that in case of discouraging the farmers from cultivating paddy, the government should come out with an alternative and concrete plan to encourage cultivating commercial crops.
He said that for instance new varieties of vegetables and fruits are being grown in other parts of the country and Telangana government should examine introducing them in the state.
He said that exotic vegetables like Broccoli, colored Capsicum, Cherry Tomato, Parsley, Celery, Chinese Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Zucchini, Pak-Choy, Asparagus and few others are now cultivated in some parts of India.
He said that in the same way exotic tropical fruits are making their way into Indian agriculture sector. New fruits like Abiu, Jaboticaba, Achachiru, Gac, Mangosteen, Rambutan and Dragon Fruit are being grown in several parts of the country.
He said that the new types of vegetables and fruits have a great export potential and help the farmers to reap the rich benefits of growing profitable crops instead of traditional crops.
However, this requires comprehensive planning involving the horticulture department and experts of commercial crops. He said that creation of awareness among the farmers was crucial in changing the cropping pattern in the in state.
He said that the government has taken up buying paddy in last year as the agriculture markets have been shut down due to the Covid Pandemic. Now the markets are open and there was no need for the government’s involvement in procurement.
Apart from this, if the Chief Minister was so concerned about protecting the interests of the farmers, he should direct the Agriculture department to find new export avenues for the paddy and other traditional crops rather than throwing the blame on the Centre.

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