Is Trump Administration’s steps for combating the CoronaVirus enough? poll says Yes

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Coronavirus positive cases rose exponentially fom 2500 to over 15000 cases just in a span of a week, CoronaVirus has continued to upend the life around all the 50 states and D.C in United States of America.

There have been many effective attempts made by the Trump administration to control the future spread of the virus. There was a survey conducted by ABC/Ipsos poll on March 18-19 with 512 randomly selected adults in United states whether if they approve or disapprove trumps work during the pandemic, with the sampling error of minus or plus 5% points.

Majority of the Americans are with Trump, 55% of the respondents Approved Trump’s management of the health Crisis, and 43% responded of disapproval.

For the unexpected economic free fall, Trump administration is expected to propose approximately $850 billion for emergency economic stimulus. While the public life is going grinding halt, economy beginning to shut down

Some of the active and responsive measures held up by the administration so far,

  • On Jan 31 suspends Entry into the United States by foreign nationals who travelled to China within the last 14 days.
  • Declared a national emergency over the coronavirus pandemic
  • Partnered with Private sector to boom up the drive through testing centers available for everyone.
  • Travel Ban for 26 countries in Europe from entering US.
  • Restricted non-essential travel along US-Mexico and US-Canada Border.
  • Families First Corona Virus ACT: Free Corona Virus testing, paid sick leaves, Family leave for caregivers, Food Assistance, Enhanced Unemployment Insurance, Increase of medical funding for states
  • Trump signs an $8.3 billion spending package to combat the coronavirus.
  • The Federal Reserve cuts interest rates to nearly zero to  support “economic activity” and “strong labour market conditions” amid the effects of the outbreak.
  • Urging against gathering of 10 or more people in a group.

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Anil Reddy, Twitter handle @anilreddy5256

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