Big boost to health workers, Indian Railways to produce over 30,000 PPEs

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In big boost to provide protection to Health Care professionals in fight against COVID 19, Indian Railways plans to produce over 30,000 coveralls (PPEs) in April 2020

In a mission mode, Railways Plan to manufacture 1,00,000 of the same in May 2020 Will set an example for other stake holders to prepare such protective coveralls for health workers Production Units, Zonal Railway Workshops and field units of Indian Railways have geared up to manufacture PPE coveralls in large numbers

Indian Railways Production Units, Workshops and field units have started manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Coveralls for medical and health-care personnel who get directly exposed to the COVID-19 disease when working amongst infected patients.

Indian Railways will produce over 30,000 such coveralls in April 2020 and plan to manufacture 1,00,000 of the same in May 2020. The prototype coveralls have already cleared the prescribed tests with the highest grades at the authorised DRDO laboratory at Gwalior.

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Indian Railways’ Doctors, Medical Professionals, other health workers and care-givers are working tirelessly fighting the COVID-19 disease. All these personnel are directly exposed to the COVID-19 disease when working amongst infected patients. As a first line of defence against contracting the novel Coronavirus, they need to be provided with a special kind of impervious coverall that acts as a barrier to the virus as well as other disease carrying fluids.

Since each such coverall can only be used once they are required in very large numbers. As the incidence of COVID-19 disease increases, even though in a relatively controlled manner, the requirement of PPE coveralls is also multiplying.

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