BJP questions KCR Govt on failures to manage Covid-19

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The Telangana state BJP unit on Thursday blamed KCR government for active community transmission of COVID in the state The BJP alleged that because of the state government’s ‘brazen and danegorus acts’ such as premature discharge of patients, the lives of millions could be at a risk.

BJP questions to TRS:

CM KCR and Health Minister Etela Rajender in its release alleging that despite the High Court’s orders to increase testing, the state government was unmoved.?

Why is the state government restricting the COVID-19 testing & COVID-19 case management only to Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad?

How will those infected in districts and villages manage COVID-19 infection?

When there are over 100 hospitals in the state, why is the entire burden of COVID-19 in the state being routed to Gandhi Hospital ?

Who is responsible for the death of journalist Manoj, who did not receive proper treatment in time at Gandhi Hospital?

Should CM KCR not take responsibility for all COVID-19 deaths in the state, for denying public health infrastructure access to common people and also those who can afford to pay?

Eight people died of COVID-19 and 191 tested positive in Telangana on Wednesday, taking the toll to 156 and the infection count past the 4,000 mark in the state as per latest figures. Meanwhile, the

Telangana Junior Doctors Association (TJUDA) has decided to continue the strike at the state’s nodal hospital in Hyderabad despite having met state Health Minister Eatala Rajender on Wednesday.

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