Chendupatla Janga Reddy, BJP’s first MP, who defeated PV Narasimha Rao in 1984

Leadership is not about making speeches or being liked, Leadership is defined by results not attributes.

– Ch. Janga Reddy.

Chendupatla Janga Reddy, Former Member Of Parliament in 1984, the Bharatiya Janata Party won just 2 of the 543 Parliament constituencies, one was won by Chendupatla Janga Reddy at Hanamkonda of the then undivided Andhra Pradesh and the other at Mehsana, Gujarat by AK Patel.

There are many leaders the Warangal has produced but very few received respect from tri cities, and Ch Janga Reddy was one of them.

Reddy was born on 18 November 1935 at Parakala Village of Warangal District. He also worked as Govt Hindi teacher in same village. He married at 1953 with Smt. Sudeshana. He have two childrens Daughter Vijaya and Son Sathyapal, His niece Ch. Keerthi Reddy ( W/o Satya Pal) in active Politics from BJP and contested from Bhupalpally.

Reddy born in a poor agricultural family. He studied at urdu Medium which was compulsory-nizam state. As a student, actively participated in Non mulki Movement: AIM : To safeguard interests of scoially, economically and educationally backward people.

Reddy, Aggressively participated in the agitation against merger of Telangana into Andhra.

Reddy, Participated in the movement against VISHALANDHRA and presented memorandum to FAZAL ALI commission. Reddy was attracted towards RSS and strived to form SHAKHAS in the villages of parkal. He worked as an RSS VISTARAK in one year for Warangal. A Loyal and dedicated worker of RSS and BJP.

Reddy, educated the students on the patriotic organization by RSS and organized several SHAKHAS for students.

Participated in :

  • Goa liberation struggle,
  • KUTCH Agreement

Imprisoned for participating in movement for Formation of Mallapuram District in Tiruvananthapuram.

He Admirer & Inspired by the great personalities:
Sri.Deena Dayal Upadhyaya,
Sri. Atal Bihari vajapayee,
Sri. Sunder Singh Bhandari,
Sri.Khusbhav Thakre,
Sri. Jagannatha Rao joshi & Sri.Yadava Rao joshi.

Political Career:

1965: Resigned from Govt. Services.
Joined JAN SANGH and established the party in parkal Region.

1967: Elected as MLA from Parkala as JANSANGH party candidate with “DEEPAM” symbol and transformed the entire constituency with Electric connections and became popular among the masses as “JANGANNA”.

1975: Arranged satyagraha Batches during emergency by moving in nights in disguise. Anti Emergency movement on the directions of Lok sangharsh samithi and Jaya prakash Narayana for 13months under Internal Security Act by offering Satyagraha on Nov 14

1977: Contested to Parliament when every JAN SANGH worker refused to contest and filled nomination though entire family was grief stricken on the sudden demise of eldest son.

1978: Later He was elected as MLA from Shayampeth constituency in as Janata Party candidate

1983: Reddy was elected as MLA again i as BJP candidate during NTR wave defeating TDP candidate in Shayampet constituency.

1984: Elected as a BJP MP during immediately after Smt.Indira Gandhi’s demise (as per the direction of BJP & RSS and on the request of Late NT Rama Rao) and defeated Central Home minister Sri.P.V. Narasimha Rao.

1984: Two BJP MPs got elected one is Chandupatla Janga Reddy registered his victory from Hanamkonda in Andhra Pradesh & Other Dr AK Patel had won from Mehsana in Gujarat.

Janga Reddy is the first BJP MP From Andhra Pradesh and entire south india after formation of BJP in 1980.

Heckled and use to be rediculed by PM Sri.Rajiv Gandhi as “Hum Do Hamare Do” during 1984-89 sessions. Always on rise to raise the national problems during Rajiv Gandhi Regime.

1989: Due to Alliance the seat won by Janga Reddy was allotted to Alliance parties.

1992: Leader Of ANDHRA Batch in RAMA JANMA BHOOMI Movement on 6th Dec at Babri Masjidh, Ayodhya.

1999: Vice President of ALL INDIA KISAN MORCHA, BJP Wing.

The traditional BJP seats were allotted to Alliance parties in particular Hanamkonda constituency and hence he could not contest in 1998,1999 and 2004.

2009: Contested as BJP MP candidate from Karimnagar constituency and lost.

Viswambhara Educational Society:
As the chairman, He Instrumental in establishing 40 colleges in rural backward regions of Telangana.

Providing free education and guidance for many students who are from underprivileged section of the society.

Pioneer in Spearheading engineering education and was instrumental in getting employment to many young fellows.

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