Christian neighbours attack Hindu women & her mother for doing Pooja, ringing bell at their home

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Hyderabad: Kavitha, resident of Pandurangnagar, filed a compliant against her Christian neighbours for attacking her and her mother.

In the video Kavitha explaining the horror she went through this morning, where her Christian neighbours 3 people called her out and started attacking (using construction tools). She fainted and soon she was taken to to hospital and treated, she got 9 stitches on her head injuries.

She said that their Christian neighbour was fighting with them since last 18 yrs and since last one year they became very aggressive. she also said they would abuse whenever she start doing pooja or ring bells at mini temple at her house.

She later filed a complaint with local police station, in the complaint she explained how they attacked her

Disclaimer: Story as is picked up from the SM platforms, TM is yet to talk to the victim

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