Complaint against AIMIM MLA Ahmed Balala Under ST/ST act for abusing BJP leader Bangaru Shruthi

Complaint has been filed Against AIMIM MLA Ahmed Balala Under ST & ST POA Act for Abusing Bangaru Shruthi who is SC

The video pertains to an incident that occurred on May 07, 2020 that at Hyderabad at around 12:45 pm. MLA Ahmed Balala had come to Chaderghat in Hyderabad city to pay a visit to a Hindu minor Dalit rape victim. During the visit of Mr Balala, Bangaru Shruthi, who is the BJP SC Morcha National Secretary was also present at the Dalit victims house.

During his visit, Mr Balala on seeing Smt Bangaru Shruthi, made certain remarks which tantamount to abuse of the SC-ST Community. Mr Ahmed Balala made these remarks against Smt Bangaru Shruthi and her late father Shri Bangaru Lakshman who was a Dalit Leader, Ex- MP Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha, Ex Minister for Railways (GOI) and has also served as the National President of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). 

Based on the incident, a police complaint was lodged by Smt. Bangaru Shruthi at the Chaderghat Police Station on May 09th, 2020. However, the police are yet to lodge an FIR to investigate the matter.

Request was also been made to the NCSC to take appropriate action and also direct the Police of Telangana, Chaderghat Police Station to immediately lodge an FIR and investigate this case. 

Reminder – 2
Case No :8/C200005568/2020/NCW/RD/DS
Deputy Commissioner of Police
DCP Office, Hyderabad, Telangana
This has reference to Commission’s letter dated 14/May/2020 (Copy appended below) followed by remidner dated 04/09/2020, wherein an Action Taken Report (ATR) was sought from your office on the petition received by the Commission from PRERNA THIRUVAIPATI, Hyderabad, Telangana regarding the allegedoutraging modesty of women / police apathy against women However,the Commission has not yet received any response from your office in the matter.
You are, therefore, requested to look into the matter and expedite the submission of the required Action Taken Report (ATR) in the matter within the next 30 days.
Yours sincerely,
Sd/- ( (Kanchan Khattar)

Further, on behalf of the All India Dalit Youth Association (AIDYA), Prerna Thiruvaipati has requested the NCSC for a thorough investigation of the credentials of the individual mentioned above and strictest possible action taken as per laws laid down with reference to abuse of SC community by the Govt of India.

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