Congress leaders unable to digest record growth in vaccination, even after beating China alleges BJP leader NV Subhash

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Hyderabad: Though the nation has achieved a landmark achievement in the vaccination coverage as it has crossed the 80-crore landmark milestone, the Congress party leaders were unable to digest the fast pace of the vaccination programme, Telangana BJP senior leader NV Subhash has alleged.

Recalling how World Health Organisation (WHO) congratulated India for scaling up Covid-19 vaccination at an unprecedented pace as the country has administered 100 million doses in just 85 days as it has reached 750 million doses from 650 million doses in just 13 days, NV Subhash said in a statement on Monday that it was unfortunate that the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other senior leaders were issuing statements targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Referring to Narendra Modi’s comments against the Opposition parties that “there is talk of fever as a vaccine side-effect, but a political party experienced fever after 2.5 crore vaccines were administered on his birthday”, Subhash said the Congress leaders should stop mud-slinging on the achievements of Narendra Modi and think like a “responsible” Opposition party leaders.

He said to mark Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 71st birthday, more than 2.50 crore COVID-19 vaccine jabs were administered and the country now holds a record in daily COVID-19 vaccinations, beating China’s world record of 2.47 crore daily vaccinations in June. It was a matter of pride for every Indian, but Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and leaders like Chidambaram were unable to digest India’s achievement. Instead, they are posting jibes at the Modi government. It established how lopsided the Congress leaders’ mindset was, Subhash fumed.

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