Coronavirus: PIL against China in International court of Justice by two Indian Lawyers

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Indian lawyers Advocate Ashish Patankar and Advocate Rhishikesh Subhedar approached International Court of Justice (ICJ) against People’s Republic of China for Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak and demanded prosecution of ‘XiJinping’ for deadly Corona.

Charges levied by the two lawyers against the China and its president

  • Offence of Murder
  • Attempt to Murder
  • Culpable homicide not mounting to Murder
  • Rash and negligence act to endanger Human species
  • Offence of Bio terrorism
  • Causing Havoc, Mayhem, destruction, fear, loses caused due to Coronavirus

In the litigation they allege that President of China XiJinping had the intention and knowledge to cause the destruction the world over with the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Copy of the litigation letter submitted to the ICJ

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