Country will overcome both “Jung” under PM Modi : Amit Shah

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Amid the rising corona virus cases in Delhi, Home Minister Amit Shah in an interview with news agency ANI said that “country will overcome both “Jung” [Battle] under effective leadership of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi”.

In last two weeks we took many initiatives and I want to inform the reality to the people of Delhi about the actual situation of pandemic and how Government is tackling it through team effort.

Delhi is being compared with Wuhan and some are saying that beds are not available in the hospital and hospitals are not taking admission and looting patients

I want to make clear that Delhi is not going to have pandemic situation as stated by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. Sisodia told that by 31st July 2020 that Delhi will have 5.5Lakh corona cases and created panic among people and many even tried to move out of Delhi to safer locations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked me to take initiative from Home Ministry to coordinate between different stake holder to improve pandemic crisis in Delhi and on June 14, I called a meeting and we took many decision. Delhi Governments decision of not treating other state people was changed as Delhi being national capital, people from across Country stays in Delhi and people from adjacent states comes to take treatment.

Basically health care and pandemic crisis in Delhi is being handled by three Administration MCD, Delhi Government and Central Government. Our main intension was that Central Government has many people with latest information on corona updates from across the world which includes DR. Paul of NITI AAYOG, Dr. Bharghav of ICMR and Dr. Guleria AIIMS director.
Another issue was many hospitals in Delhi are under MCD and ground level health care workers are majorly from MCD. So, we conducted meeting on June 14 in which Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and all three main doctors were present. I even did meeting with mayors of all 3 MCDs and even called all party meeting and took suggestions of all.

After taking suggestions from all, we have decided to conduct complete testing in containment zones till June 30 even to the people with small corona symptoms like fever, cough, sneezing, loss of taste, loss of smell, etc. and after completion of that our teams will do survey of complete Delhi and do testing of all with even small symptoms.

How will you arrange the manpower for health care and how are you going to guide Doctors in private hospital who are having difficulty in treating corona cases ?

Many were saying that some doctors need guidance from experienced Doctors and keeping this in mind we have arranged AIIMS doctors on telephone where a Doctor from any hospital can reach out to them on phone numbers provided to hospitals and senior experienced Doctors from AIIMS will guide them over phone.

We even made three teams of Doctors from AIIMS who along with MCD officials visited each and every hospital which is doing corona treatment and did survey on necessary changes. They visited each and every ward of hospitals to do survey.

As far as health care staff is concerned, we have made list of all retired health care official and setup call center from where they are being contacted to help in this pandemic situation and many have already joined to help us.

Wasn’t there coordination between centre and state before June 14?

50 percentage of people died in 1-3days in Delhi who were in Home Quarantine which means those who were in Home Quarantine are reporting to hospitals in last stage and the people who don’t have more than 2 rooms, how will they do home quarantine ?

So, we have decided to move all such people and those will pre diseases to quarantine center so that they don’t spread virus to others.

What was the reason for sudden spike in cases?

Before June 14, 4500 test per day was done on an average and now we are doing 16,000 tests daily on an average which will obviously increase number of positive cases. At once it reached to 4800 but as we are moving people to isolation center it will decrease as those in isolation center will not infect others and finally numbers will reduce.

Before June 14, there were 9300 beds and now Indian Railway had made 8000 beds in railway coaches and making another 8000. DRDO has also made dedicated hospital for corona with 440 ICU. We have also made 10,000 bed covid care which is biggest in the world and it will be taken care by ITBP at Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Overall there will be 30,000 beds available.

Why you have risked yourself by visiting LNJP hospital which has huge corona patients?

By going there, confidence is generated in health care staff and we have identified certain problems which we are removing by taking steps like CCTV cameras are being installed to check whether patients are being treated properly.

Food to patients was another issue as cook if tests positive, then there was no one to provide food. So, we have decided to supply food in vans and we have also started psychological training for health care staff like nurses who should not feel depressed.

Is there any community transfer in Delhi?

I don’t want to hide anything from people and keeping reality in front of them. Since positivity rate was 30 percent, people were fearing of community transfer but now we have increased number of test which will remove fear of community transfer from people’s mind.

Rahul Gandhi is saying that Government failed to handle corona crisis

Former congress president Rahul Gandhi is doing “ochi rajniti” (cheap politics) when country is fighting pandemic and its pain to see leader of big political party is busy in doing cheap politics.

The Government of India fought well against this pandemic and I can’t advise Rahul Gandhi as it’s the job of his party leaders. Some people are “Vakradrashti”, they see wrong even in the right things. India has fought well against coronavirus and our figures are much better compared to the world.

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