Covid-19 : 4 Weeks of Hell, he lost mother, father & bother. Deccan Hospitals Charged 42 Lakhs

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Here is the story of citizen who’s family including mother, father & brother who tested Corona Positive, how they suffered and how the Private Hospital – Deccan Hospital looted them about 42 Lakhs.

Read what the family members had to go through! , most inhumae treatment by the Deccan hospital

“I was at my mom’s funeral doing the last rites and my dad who was still in hospital doesn’t know about my moms funeral. He called me up informing me that no ward boy was there after many hours my dad contacted me at 3pm and I was contacting hospital nobody turned up till 7 pm.”

“Imagine how worst my dad’s situation at the hospital and mine at the mom’s funeral. I thought to go to the hospital because my dad was suffering but I couldn’t leave my mom’s funeral. It is okay that they charged too high but at-least they should have taken care of”

“When we asked the hospital staff why diaper was not changed for that long they replied “ STAFF WAS NOT AVAILABLE “ , they took lakhs of money and this is the answer we got was this . We have paid for about 40 Lakhs to all the 3 of them and no body was returned home.”

Even I have also been tested asymptomatic positive ,i was self quarantine in my house alone for many days I can’t go out of my house.

At the end when i lost my father Deccan Hospitals was demanded to pay 7.5 lakhs more and only then they said they will be handing my dad’s body and I ended up paying 2 lakhs. All this pain and worse conditions after paying huge amounts but all died and I am the only son who has to take care of mom and dad all alone.

My dad passed away around 9 30 pm, Thought I was not in a proper condition to drive the car, had to drive and we were not sure of the inner ring road route and wanted to take ORR . However inspector on duty at Pedda Golconda exit no. 15 Mr. M.Raju had told us the ORR closes at 10 pm we reached at 10.7 pm… We had pleading him to allow us to take the ORR as it was just 7 mins late, however he did not allow and spoke to us in very abusive tone… We had to leave the place !

This is huge loss to him, neither govt or police or pvt hospital showe wee bit of humanity !

Source : Twitter Thread
Disclaimer : Published the story as is from the twitter thread, TM yet to vet the claims

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