Dont try to fool people of Telangana by bringing resolution against CAA: warns Arvind Dharmapuri

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Nizamabad MP and fire brand leader of BJP Telangana, Aravind Dharmapuri, attacked TRS for its plan to bring divide among hindu-muslim by passing resolution against CAA.

Arvind further said that if CAA bill is introduced in Telangana Assembly then it will bring divide among Hindu Muslims across Telangana right from Municipal to Village level. He said any such act by TRS will result in Hindutva Tsunami which will rise from villages and will wipe out TRS from Telangana in 2023 elections.

He also said why Government Department like Police, Water and Electricity department which are under state Government fears to enter old city area and why they are not taking any action against those who are not paying their water and electricity bills. This has resulted in loss of Telangana and it is wrong to charge majority more to fulfill the loss.

He stressed on how electricity department is looted in broad daylight by having current connection without electricity meter, use of illegal loose connections directly from poles in muslim dominated parts under Ghmc. Now, because of all illegal activities in minority dominated areas under GHMC, Electrical Department is facing huge loss and why should majority area people pay for their illegal activities? Majority of Muslim household don’t even have water meters.

BJP corporators of Nizamabad Municipal corporation had discussion that maximum revenue is coming from Hindus but majority of that revenue is spent on minorities. They came to conclusion that revenue expenditure should be proportionate to tax received by Government.

He also highlighted misuse of Endowment Department on how they are collecting money donated in temple is sent to state treasury and then used for welfare of minorities. He questioned Government why endowment department don’t collect money donated from Mosque and Churches.

TRS Government is neither allowing to install statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji nor development of temples from MPLad funds said Arvind.

In Karim Nagar CM KCR during parliament elections said “HINDU GALLU BONDHU GALLU” and total North Telangana hindus rejected TRS. If CAA bill is introduced in Assembly then total Telangana hindus will reject TRS.

He suggested KCR not to indulge in cheap politics by passing resolution against CAA or else it will bring divide among hindu and muslim even at village level. People may even start economic boycott of minorities and TRS will be solely responsible for that.

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