Elgar Parishad 2021 and how we can counter it in future

Elgar Parishad, known for its anti-Hindu, anti-government, anti- Bharat and anti-everything stance was conducted in Pune on 30th January 2021. Infamous speakers like Arundhati Roy, Kanojia and other kids were there to address the attendees. As the program began, the hate-mongers started peddling their vicious anti-Hindu agenda. Kanojia, the fake news hate-monger said that RSS wants to create a Bramhin Rashtra!

I have been in Shakha since my childhood, and I have never ever seen any Shiksak, Pracharak or any swayamsevak for that matter who has said this once. Next, some girl speaker said that the attacks of 26/11 were planned to demean the Muslims and was an attacked planned by the Brahmins of the society.

This was the exact agenda of the then Congress government which was busted because, Shri. Tukaram Omble Ji took 40 bullets on his body to arrest Kasab. If he had not been arrested, he would’ve died as Samir Dinesh Chaudhari and the entire blame would’ve been on Hindus.

Then came Sharjil Usmani, who was giving philosophical lessons regarding ‘How mainstream has normalized lynching and how Hindu Samaj of today is completely rotten! He even took a Jibe on Hindus when he said ‘ Pooja Bhi karenge aur Lynching Bhi’!

How hypocrite a person can be? The likes of Sharjil Usmani have always been involved in ‘n’ number of terrorist activities. Under the name of their God, they have bombed millions of people all over the world as well as in Bharat, but no he won’t speak about this.

As we all know, Terrorism has no religion, but lynching surely has’! Bloody Hypocrite! Arundhati Roy peddled the same old agenda of the caste system! All in all, the program was planned to create a rift in the Hindu society, so that it will be better for them to break this nation.

But the main question is, how can we counter these people? Shall we protest ? Shall we report such accounts ? Shall we hold a march against these people? Yes, we can do such things, but these things won’t help us in the long run. In order to build a truly strong fortress and the ecosystem we speak about, we need to arrange meets on a frequent basis where we will discuss issues related to Indic cause.

The History has been tampered with, the temples have been destroyed, Hindus have been demeaned, our traditions and our gods have been mocked and here we are, seating in our cosy rooms, posting something on Twitter, running an unwanted hashtag thinking that we will change the perception of people !

There are many anti-Hindu elements at work in our nation, and we need to get united more than ever to fight these people, keeping aside our over-inflated egos and ‘Know-all’ attitude ! Elgar Parishad is just one example, there are thousands of small scale to large scale organizations who are working to destroy our nation !

Now, it is upon us, whether to get up and work unitedly to make this nation great again or see them disintegrate this nation peice by piece in years to come ! Period !

Malhar Pandey

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