Everyone gets a second chance in life, make the best out of it

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Everyone gets a second chance in life, it’s up to you whether you make something out of it or you blow it up all over again. Similarly, Madhur who is better known as the Placard Guy also got a second chance, rather a second life.

Read how the story of the Placard Guy, why he went into depression and how he battled life threatening, came over everything to live for other and be a social activist!

I used to drink ( booze) and smoked too much that I got Tuberculosis and further damaged my liver. I was hospitalized for about 21 days and there was a moment where I could have died but somehow survived. when I was hospitalized I went through severe pain, water got accumulated in my stomach which wasn’t easy to pull out and that made my stomach the size of a 6 months pregnant lady. They put a tube through my nose to my stomach in the hope of taking some water out but no success there.

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Story of my Life.

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They did an endoscopy on me inserted a tube in my throat with a tiny camera stuck at the tip of it till my abdomen to inspect what’s going on in there. I fainted during the process and woke up half an hour later on a stretcher, my body pained like never before, felt weak like never before that day. I would shiver in fever as if I had a seizure attack. My body had been pierced hundreds of times with injections. There came a point when doctors needed my blood sample for some test, however, there was no spot on my hand where they could pierce to take the sample because it were already pierced enough, so they pricked somewhere on my legs (Phew! Fine, enough of suffering part). I was mentally so depressed facing all this torture that at some point I thought it’d be better if I just die rather than going through so much pain every day…

However, something kept giving me strength. I don’t know if it was the love of my family or my trust in doctors or my faith in God or if I just wasn’t ready to give up, I don’t know. I would tell myself every minute, “bas thodi der aur Madhur, bas thodi der aur…”. And one fine day, I was shifted from ICU to a regular room. I didn’t have water in my stomach anymore. I was able to take walks in the corridor. I was able to smile and feel confident that it’s not over yet. And I survived.

My will to not give up helped me sail through it, I felt that I’ve been given this second life for a purpose, I must put it to good use. And I started raising my voice against the people who wish ill for our country. A lot of people ask me, “don’t you get scared when you get death threats?” Well, I don’t, because when 2015 couldn’t scare me then what can these mere threats do to me?

However, there come many moments when I go weak and think of quitting everything and just live my little happy life away from all this chaos, earn better, travel better, live better, live for just myself……but then I think about the purpose of this second chance given to me and I return to helping people, raising my voice, going on the ground to serve the people to serve the nation, as any other patriot would do.

Moral of the story: Don’t give up even the worst of situations. Keep fighting and you might get a second chance and when life gives you a second chance, make the best out of it.

Madhur ( aka The placard Guy)

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