GHMC results are a win for democratic politics & the politics of inclusive development of PM Modi : Bhupender Yadav

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Telangana votes for BJP: When the BJP started the campaign for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation the party’s aim was very clear: provide good governance from the block to the national level. Many of our detractors hit out at us mocking us for taking civic elections so seriously, failing to explain why civic should matter any less.

But the people of Hyderabad reposed their trust and faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise of inclusive development at all levels of governance. Our national leadership led from the front with National BJP President Shri JP Nadda ji, Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah ji and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath ji reaching out to the people of Telangana and steering the party’s campaign in the region.

The people responded by turning out in huge numbers with all their love and support. That support has today reflected in BJP’s spectacular performance in the elections.

It may be a civic election but it has a national message that people can ignore at their own peril. People have rejected the politics of communalism, whose flag bearer the AIMIM is. They have also said no to the ‘family enterprise’ that KCR has been running in the name of a political party. For both TRS and AIMIM, which are two sides of the same coin, this is a moral loss.

When asked about why BJP was giving so much importance to municipal elections, Nadda ji had said that the BJP will fight every election from panchayat to Parliament with the same zeal and aim of giving people what they deserve, which is good governance. People in Hyderabad thus put their trust in the BJP.

The election results are also an answer to those who have been trying to brand the BJP as a party of north India despite our victories in Northeast India and despite the fact that so many of BJP’s Presidents have come from southern India. And that has been because the BJP sees all of India as one unit, and all India’s people as one people.

It is with this message that the BJP reached out to the people of Telangana and the results show our message has been received well. The results tell us that the people of Telangana are eager and ready for change and the BJP will not rest till it has delivered that change to the people.

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