How Chandrababu Naidu’s downfall started – “Aap Chronology Samajh lijiye”

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How Chandrababu Naidu’s downfall started, lets look at the chronology in summary:

  • BJP made Venkiah VP.
  • Chandrababu left NDA, allied with Congress & toured entire India to defeat PM Modi.
  • Chandrababu banned CBI & didn’t allow any Central institutions to function in AP.
  • Chandrababu got 23/175 in return.
  • PM Modi came back with a bigger mandate.

Chandrababu slowly started sending his cronies into BJP again & tried his best to come back to NDA. BJP took everyone but, they were in no mood to accept Chandrababu again. BJP formed an alliance with Janasena & BJP-Janasena decided to maintain equal distance from TDP & YCP.

BJP changed its state president & appointed RSS old guard Somu Veerraju Garu. He straight away started taking action against the TDP cronies in BJP, one by one. Chandrababu got a clear message once again. Disgruntled Chandrababu is attacking BJP again using his Yellow Media.

Lahari Reddy

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