How Congress, Liberals Demeans Savarkar and divides the Nation on basis of Castes

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Yesterday, Congress supporter masquerading as activist Saket Gokhale went on to say, that Savarkar is No Maratha, but a Bramhin when Lawyer and activitst Shehzad Poonawala called SAVARKAR as MARATHA SON. Its high time to bust Liberals agenda, but to do so we have to go to the dark chapter of our history.

The caste system, as “they say”, is a contribution of BRAMHINS in the society,but they forget the CRIMINAL TRIBES ACT,1871 which is the root cause of rift between the castes that exists even today. By birth some castes were considered criminals according to this act.


And the clauses in this act were so atrocious,that people born in the given castes were prohibited from doing any sane job so for livelihood these people had to take the jobs Right from sewage worker to night soil man.


The British did it with utmost precision to divide the castes that existed in the society,and decided on their own assumption on who is of the upper class and the lower class. They equated the class system prevailing in UK to the CASTE SYSTEM existing in our nation.

They created classes in our society, they termed certain castes as upper class while others as lower class, and filled minds of the people of both classes with stories that created a crack between them. This was working for the advantage of the British.

Their DIVIDE AND RULE Policy was working and this is the main reason why they were able to rule us for so many years. But then came people like Savarkar,Ambedkar who tried to get rid of this structure. Both did enough social reforms to uplift the downtrodden.


Savarkar built the PATIT PAVAN MANDIR for all, while Ambedkar made sure that education is being provided for all. But this was not good for the dirty politics of congress. If you observe closely, Congress has always sidelined people who stood for the upliftment of the society.


Be It Saravrkar, Ambedkar, Patel Sahab or Shyama Prasad Mukherjee all of them were side-lined by the Congress-Gandhi family. After independence, it was the duty of Congress to get rid of the caste system started by British, but they altered the history and told that it was created by Brahmins.


Thus attracting certain voters from certain castes. They spoke against Bramhin’s in the majority DALIT area, while they spoke against DALIT in majority BRAMHIN area. They purposely portrayed Savarkar as weak & negative, as his contribution for this nation was any day more than GANDHI and NEHRU combined together. and hence continued to weave stories about Savarkar, Hegdevar and others saying that these men were the reasons CASTE SYSTEM Prevailed.

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They purposely bombarded us with the stories about SAVARKAR’s mercy petition by cleverly altering the important words. and then people of Whatsapp university like Saket Gokhale and his Liberal friends fell in this trap. They use these stories everywhere possible and when we ask them for their references, they run away. Saket Gokhale is nothing less than a castiest using name of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, if asked, he won’t be able to tell one episode from Maharaj’s life neatly.

He is playing in the hands of Congress and trying to creating the gap between the Bhramins and others when he is seeing that this gap is feeling with unprecedented speed. Don’t let people like Saket, change your perception. Be a person of rational mindset like Savarkar and Ambedkar, read history on your own and you’ll find that these men always stood for the unity of this nation. Its high that we all raise our voice against likes of GOKHALE and show them their right place.

Always remember that Congress was started by the British, it was handed over by the British to a Stooge of the BRITISH and the congress implemented the same DIVIDE AND RULE Policy as the BRITISH ! So BEWARE !!!

Be Proud of your CASTES
Stay UNITED As Hindus,
and Make this BHARAT VARSH great AGAIN !|

Malhar Pandey

Disclaimer: The opinions/facts expressed within this article are the personal opinions/facts of the author

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