How the voting pattern in border districts adjoining Bangladesh lead to massive victory for TMC

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How the voting pattern in border districts adjoining Bangladesh. These districts have experienced a significant demographic influx due to alleged illegal Muslim immigration from Bangladesh and high Muslim growth rate. Due to this immigration, Hindus have been fleeing from their natives

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Bhagabangola seat is a part of Murshidabad district bordering Bangladesh. It once had 55% Hindus & 44% Muslims (1872 census). Migration from Bangladesh changed demographics to Muslim majority (66% in 2011). No Hindu won since 1971. Today they elect a man responsible for 2007 riots


Idris Ali was arrested in 2007 Park Circus Kolkata riots. He incited riots and targeted Hindu localities when Taslima Nasreen came to Kolkata. Today he wins this seat. Ironically, no Hindu even contested. Even BJP fielded a Muslim ex CPM candidate


This is same district that witnessed the brutal murders of the RSS worker and his family. The case was hurriedly declared an unrelated property feud by the ruling state administration. The same ruling state party which withdrew riot charges against Idris Ali & gave him a ticket


Raninagar is another seat in the Murshidabad district. No Hindu candidate ever won in Raninagar. No Hindu candidate even contested the seat in this election .Even after BJP fielded a Mμslim candidate, it could hardly get 10% of the votes, Abdul Soumik Hossain of Trinamool won


Hariharpara is another constituency in Murshidabad.This place and its district administration celebrated independence with Pakistani flags in 1947.No Hindu has ever won this seat.Naimot Sheikh of TMC comfortably won today 


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Jalangi is another seat in Murshidabad, there was a huge influx of illegal immigrants here since independence. No Hindu has ever won this seat since 1972. Abdur Razzak who was formerly from CPI(M) contested this ticket from TMC and won this seat today.


Domkal is another seat in the Murshidabad district.No Hindu has ever won this seat.Even after BJP fielded a Mμslim candidate, it could hardly get 5% of the votes. No Hindu has contested this seat in this election and Jafikul Islam of TMC won comfortably


Muslim population share increased from 55% to 66% but Hindus decreased from 44% to 33%”Murshidabad census 2011.But there is something the district census does not tell us. With decrease in population share, the Hindus are experiencing complete political marginalization


What comes along with illegal immigration from Bangladesh border?Of course. What else but têrrorism. It is a package.In Murshidabad last November, 11 Al Qaeda têrrorists were arrested by NIA.This is the state today of “border districts”

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In February this year, NIA decided to press charges against 11 “residents” of Murshidabad for their alleged involvement in creation of “Al Qaeda Cell” in the district. What else comes along with illegal immigration from Bangladesh?Of course . The Sharia courts. A Hindu man was beheaded by the order of a sharia court in Murshidabad because he fell in love with and married a Muslim girl. 

A Hindu man fell in love with a Muslim girl and married her. They also had a child. He concealed his identity as “Munnawar Shaikh”, however he was summoned to Sharia court. He was questioned and his identity was discovered. He was ordered to be beheaded. 

Malda is another district bordering Bangladesh. This district witnessed huge illegal immigration from Bangladesh. Resulting muslim population increased from 36% in 1961 to 51% in 2011. Hindu population share decreased from 63% to 48%. Malda is now a Muslim majority district. The pattern in Malda is the same. Sujapur is a seat in Malda. There has been illegal immigration from Bangladesh & demographic change. No Hindu won this seat since 1962. No Hindu contested this time. Even as BJP fielded a Muslim candidate, they could hardly poll 6% of votes.


Harischandrapur is another seat in Malda district. There has been a migration of Hindus out of this place. The Hindu population here has decreased to 31% now. Again, Tajmul Hossain of TMC won this seat. Even BJP fielded Mulsim candidate who eventually lost.


Malatipur in Malda is another seat which has witnessed huge illegal immigration. The Muslim population in this assembly division has increased to 72%, Abdur Rahim Boxi of TMC, who openly declared that his party flood West Bengal with Rohingyas, won this seat. An observation in Malatipur, Owaisi’s party MIM contested this seat. Some people on SM claimed that this was “secret chess masterstroke” by BJP to divide Muslim votes. But Owaisi’s party was not able to win even 1% of votes in a Muslim majority seat.


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