How the Women of Today are shaping society for Tomorrow!

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Women have made invaluable contributions to the advancement of technology worldwide and continue to do so with their unbreakable will-power and unmatched determination. According to a report published by McKinsey, about 35% of specialist technology roles in India were pervaded by women. In societies with structural barriers, such as India, Egypt and South Korea, technology has played a significant role in facilitating women to overcome numerous societal restrictions. In rural areas especially, the use of technology amongst women has increased tenfold.

The process of empowering women is a recurring one and is spread over multiple industries. Therefore, several aspects of this process need a timely review in order to ensure uniformity. For instance, only 7.4% of Fortune 500 companies globally were being administered by women, according to statistics released by UN Women. Now that’s a really low percentage, considering the simple fact that the number of university educated women is higher than that of men. Women have been facing discrimination in every field of work for decades now.

Irrespective of the challenges women face in their everyday lives, they manage to put a smile on the faces of those dear to them. Of late, they have adopted a partnership-oriented approach, hence uniting amongst themselves to get through difficult circumstances with utmost ease. Women across the globe have overcome not only structural, but also geographical and cultural barriers to unite and innovate. Expanding the scope and level of female labor force participation, industry wide, can translate into a substantial economic advantage for global markets.

The women of 21st century have embraced various technological forms as if they were their invention. For instance, the growing popularity of social media globally and the fact that majority of the influencers on these digital platforms are women indicates the forming of a progressive society. Social media platforms have proven to be a boon, especially for those women who manage multiple commitments throughout day, ranging from household chores to concentrating on career progression.

The trend has in fact allowed many conservative women to come out and speak up boldly, while expressing their views on subjects that were earlier considered to be taboo. Women in the digital arena are re-shaping the way politics is being conducted across different regions. They are highly active in the daily doings of political parties that match their ideology and have successfully made their mark in their respective area of expertise. Although there seems to be an imbalance of ratio in terms of male-female public representatives, the women of social media are compensating for these low numbers in the ablest way possible.

Dinesh Vaswani
Twitter Handle: @dmostvalued

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