Importance of First Chapter of Shrimad BHAGWAT GITA and its story.

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Once Parvati wanted to know the importance of Gita, which after reading it, increases the devotion towards Vishnu. So Shiva elaborately describes the Vishnu Swarup and then informs her that once Lakshmi questioned Vishnu as along with protecting the Universe how could he sleep peacefully in Kshirsagar. So Vishnu replied that though he appears to be sleeping but in reality he, through his inner vision is actually seeking the Maheshwar tattva in him.


It is this forceful tattva which the yogi through his sharp brain realise in themselves and the analyst decide and summarize the Vedas. This force is not affected by any sorrow or disease, is total, Happiness incarnate and sole. This force runs the world which he experiences. So that is reason for him to appear as sleeping. So Lakshmi questions him that since Vishnu was the one whom people in this world seek so she is intrigued that since he was the one operating and managing everything and how could he differ from the Tattva he mentioned.

Vishnu replies that The Swarup of the Atma is free and independent from all things right from beginning to end. It is beautiful and Prakash Swarup and Parmanand Swarup. That is his form as Ishwar. The Soleness of Atma is only worth knowing.

Lakshmi questioned again that if his Swarup itself is out of reach to mind and heart then how can Geeta provide insight into it. Vishnu says that Gita chapters describes his whole existence. The first five parts are his five heads, next ten are his ten are his arms, the next chapter is his stomach and the last two chapters are his legs. So all the eighteen chapters are the way of Knowing Ishwar. It destroys the ignorance. If one reads a single shloka he can make headway slowly towards it just as Susharma had done.

Now Lakshmi was more intrigued as to who was Susharma. So Vishnu narrates the story of Susharma. Susharma was a man of evil character. He was not at all interested in spirituality, was cruel although he was born as a Brahmin. He would plough, sell leaves and drank. Once while he was collecting leaves in Rishi Vatika, a snake bit him. After his death he had to pass through many journeys of Narak. He was again born on Prithvi as a buffalo. He had to carry the loads as his masters wishes. Eight long years he carried the load.

But one fine day he was unable to carry this load and he fainted due to extreme tiredness. Many bystanders felt pity for him and donated their Punya to him as he was dying. Amongst them was also a woman of easy virtue. The Yamdoots refused to take him to Narak because of the Punya daan done by that woman. He is born again in a good family but he remembered everything from the previous birth. One day he searches for that woman and visits her. He asks her why her Punya daan took him to Swarg.

So she answers that it was not her Punya but of the parrot in her cage who repeated some Gita shlokas each day. She donated his Punya to Susharma,So both question the parrot who replies that he also remembered his previous birth that he too had evil traits & was born as a parrot. His parents expired early. He was bought to the Ashram by Sadhu’s who found him lying on floor. From his cage he would hear the Rishi putras chanting mantras which he too memorized. Once a hunter robbed the cage and sold it to the woman.

The Chants that he had memorized continued. So this way the woman heard them and collected Punya and was purified. Therefore this was the importance of first chapter of Gita which has 47 shlokas.

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