Intensions of Anti-CAA protests finally out in Open??

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A vedio of Mr Waris Pathan, Fringe Ex-MLA of AIMIM from Maharastra got viral in which he was seen spewing venom against 100cr Hindus in Anti-CAA, Anti-NRC public rally held at Gulbarga, Karnataka.

AIMIM cheif and Hyderabad MP Mr Asad Uddin Owaisi can also be seen on dias when this fringe Ex-MLA gave hate speech and threatened to finish off 100 cr Hindus but Mr Owaisi choose to keep silence.

Waris Pathan said, “The time has come now for all Muslims to unite and achieve freedom. Remember we are 15 cr Muslims but still we can dominate over 100 cr Hindus”.

He further said, “They tell us that we have kept our women and kids in the front. I want to remind them that only the lionesses have come out and you are already sweating. Imagine what would happen if all of us come together,” he said.

In an another vedio, a Naxal sympathiser and self proclaimed liberal girl Amulya Leone can be seen chanting PAKISTAN ZINDABAD from the dias of Anti-CAA rally held at Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Amulya was invited as one of the cheif guest at the event organized under the banner of “Save Constitution”. Don’t know which constitution they are trying to save and from whom.

Her true face got revealed when she asked people to shout with her “Pakistan Zindabad” thrice while adressing public.

AIMIM chief Owaisi, who was present on the stage, rushed to snatching the mike from her and was joined by others who tried manhandled her.

Later, the police stepped in and removed her from the dais. She has been sent to 14 days judicial custody.

Owaisi who talks about secularism and constitution in front of media has harboured people of the exact opposite in their Heart?

However, TRS who claim to be secular and in friendly alliance with AIMIM has not yet condemned their true ideology.

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