Is the Centre a silent spectator to Arnab’s arrest ? Why BJP supporters are blaming BJP instead of MVA govt?

Why is centre a “silent spectator” to Arnab’s arrest? Instead of being angry on the MVA, some netizens are angry on BJP & are diverting anger from the atrocities of the tricycle to the “inaction” of BJP

After all, didn’t we give them 303 seats? Don’t we have right to ask Questions?

  • Muzzling Arnab’s voice
  • not much headway in Palghar Sadhus case
  • Vibhor Anand arrested (let off after apology)
  • SM activist Sameet Thakkar tied with a rope & taken to police station
  • BJP supporters say – We want President’s rule!
  • Yes, centre can impose President’s rule

Citing that Maharashtra govt is not ruling as per provisions of constitution, where free speech is muzzled Now the issue is – is Maharashtra the only place where freedom of speech is muzzled?

Activists will point out cases of different journalists arrested under various acts, including sedition, especially in Delhi, UP & J&K – they will ask – what about them? Remember the Kerala “journalist” with alleged links to PFI caught while going to Hathras & charged under UAPA? Or those journalists who were not even allowed to go to Hathras? (of course to prevent them from fanning the fires the caste tension) but Congress & Left supporters will point these facts easily Point to Getting rid of opposition state govts is not so easy now!!

SC takes strong objection!

NDA had a bad experience when it tried to impose President’s Rule in Uttarakhand (2016) & Bihar (1999) So whether President’s Rule is needed or not Or it’s just centre trying to dismiss a state run by opposition party? – that is a matter to be judged by the judges. Yes, the SC has recently given more favourable judgements but is there a guarantee ?

Today, MVA is the villain – bringing President Rule (that can get overturned by SC) will look make the villain look like a victim. Lutyens Gang will use it to show Modi Sarkar again as a fascist regime (though we know who are the fascists in this case) So, should the govt just wait & watch? Yes, watch carefully & act stealthily Napoleon said- I don’t disturb my enemies while they are making mistakes

The centre is closely counting MVA’s mistakes

  • Demolishing Kangana’s house
  • police picking up Anant Karmuse & getting him beaten up by Minister Awhad’s bodyguards
  • Palghar Sadhus lynched in front of police who acted like mute spectators

, SM Activist

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