KCR failed Telangana, blames Centre for all his failures : Bandi Sanjay

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BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay on Wednesday said that the COVID-19 situation is alarming across the state and the government is trying to shift the blame to the Central government to cover its own failures.

Speaking to the media during a press conference in Hyderabad, Sanjay said, “CM of Telangana K Chandrashekhar Rao has not reviewed the situation of Telangana and has been blaming the Central government for the failure of the Telangana state government.” “The government of Telangana has given up in regards to handling the Corona situation in the State. From the beginning, they have been acting negligently toward the corona situation in the state,” he added.

According to the state BJP Chief, on the one hand, the state government is not doing anything to improve the situation and is not even implementing the central Schemes in the state, and to add to this situation, the state government is not even including Covid treatment in Aarogyasri scheme. Bandi Sanjay demanded that the Telangana Government immediately implement Ayushman Bharat in the state.

“We demand the state government to implement Ayushman Bharat in the state and further we demand to review the situation of Covid Crisis in the state including the status of the healthcare system in the state,” he said. He further said that the state government has failed to provide basic needs in the government hospitals in the state . He allegedly said that the state government has even tampered with the number of Covid 19 cases that are being registered in the state. Due to this tampering, the people have turned negligent towards Corona Virus and have stopped following the guidelines leading to the increasing number of Corona Virus cases.

He questioned, “While the Central Government is providing the Covid vaccine for nearly about 80 per
cent of the Indian population. Then on what has CM KCR spent 2,500 crores?” He further said that all the political parties must come forward to help this nation win over the Covid crisis and must not look at this in a political way.

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