KTR caught misleading Telangana with his tweet on brutal murder in Hyderabad.

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On September12th there was a brutal incident on a 6 years old kid in Singareni colony, Hyderabad. This triggered huge protest across the state and on social media people started trending with hashtag #JusticeForChaitra, several people joined the trending on social media.

Reacting to this KTR tweeted on the incident. The tweet goes like this “

Deeply anguished with the news of a 6 year old child’s sexual molestation & murder in Singareni colony While the perpetrator has been arrested within hours.

After two days of the tweet the Telangana police has announced a reward of 10 Lakhs on perpetrator. This came surprise to the people of telangana as the Minister tweeted that the perpetretor is arrested within hours.

Netizens started questioning on the credibility of KTR on his tweet.

Dubbaka MLA Raghunandan Rao also tweeted saying “Who is misleading who”

Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh tweeted sharply with his comments “

Misinformed by whom, @KTRTRS you have taken 2 days to know the culprit is absconding By this, we understand the state of affairs in Telangana. No coordination btw govt & department.

After the outrage on Twitter KTR again tweeted “I was misinformed that he was arrested. Regret the erroneous statement”

Meanwhile netizens continue to question the credibility of KTR on twitter with hashtag #FakeKTR

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