Move over – the Indians are here at the Gabba, conquered it in style !!

Yesterday was a very significant day for Indian Cricket. Australia lost at the Gabba after 32 years – the last team that beat them here in 1988 was the famous West Indies, who else!

Am sure a million ‘leadership practitioners’ would draw a set of lessons that they would want their clients or employees to take away. Trust me, this epic game is going to be discussed about at coffee shops, board rooms and pubs ( your poison may decide your location ), for years.

I only have one take away from this game – and I suspect it’s something that happened by design / providence / circumstances. This team had a lot of things going for them except one and that handicap is what got them this win.

‘ Fear of Failure’ is that ‘ deficiency ‘ and that is what influenced the result more than anything else. Yes they did play well and that free flowing performance was again due to this ‘ handicap ‘.

Let me explain.
The star had to leave to oversee the birth of his junior, after the team bled itself to their lowest ever test score. One after the other the ‘ best that you had ‘ were falling by the wayside, like nine pins, nine stumps here.

Every pundit had written you off ( one more box ticked ). The ‘ know it all’s ‘ have written you off and have taken their eyes off you – they were indeed free of ‘ that back leg moves too quickly towards the 4th slip ‘ or ‘ this guy lands at 45 degrees, instead of 49.5 degrees ‘ for his outswinger to be more effective.etc.

And yes, the bio bubble!

All of the above ensured that the team had absolutely nothing to lose. They did not have to ‘ Fear failure ‘, as they were going to lose anyway. And if they had indeed lost : all of the above would have been quoted as perfectly justifiable reasons to lose to one of the best cricket teams in the world.

More often than not, if you fear the outcome, you stop enjoying the journey, thereby performing sub-optimally, failing in most cases. This team had no reason to ‘ fear the outcome ‘ as none was expected from them besides a ‘ honorable loss ‘, a face saver.

Hence you had a wonderful set of youngsters in full bloom, of which most of them wouldn’t have been a part the playing XI if the 5-6 out of the ‘ best lot ‘ were fit. A perfect stage for the uninitiated to go and express themselves- and boy, didn’t they express themselves or what!

With zero expectations from them, they went on to script a famous series win that one would recall every time cricket – a famous win – leadership – victory – debut happen to be searched for.

And of course we had Ajinkya, apparently means ‘ Undefeatable’!

Simple lesson to take away from this event – Focus on the input – work towards the outcome without any expectations, enjoy the journey-the result will be fabulous.

Remember, if you plant a rose you would get a sunflower!

Manikandan Krishnan
Digital Entrepreneur

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