Much as I detest the LW, here are 5 things we can learn from them: Shefali Vaidya

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Shefali Vaidya is an independent writer, newspaper columnist and media personality, has advocated on what RW can learn from the Left. Here are the 5 important things which she has advised ( on her Twitter TL)

1) Unity – You may not agree with everything everyone says on our side. Okay to express disagreement, but don’t mock or disparage. Better still, learn to ignore. You don’t have to react every time.

2) Never apologise – Sometimes you will make mistakes. because you are not a “Liberal”, your conscience that will prick you. Well, delete if you must, express ‘regret’ if you want – but only to your readers. Never ever apologise. Ever seen any any so called ” Liberals” apologise for their deliberate lies?

3) Whataboutery is a great tool in their arsenal. Have you noticed how almost all their arguments start with ‘but but but, what about…?’ Well, it is a great tool for us to use as well, but use it sparingly, and only when you absolutely need it.

4) Use of jargon. It is not that they say anything that is exceptionally smart. They just use better vocabulary and use obtuse jargon. No reason why we can’t do it. Learn keywords like subaltern, alt-left and heteronormativity and use them judiciously. Left hate that.

5) Labelling – remember how they never respond to your arguments but label you as ‘Sanghi communal’ etc etc, to discredit YOU? No reason why you can’t use labels like ‘urban naxal’, ‘extremoliberal’ or ‘woke idiot’ to describe them. Two can play this game. Just don’t abuse.

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