Muslim business houses of Indore issues apology for their community’s act of attacking the health workers. Too little ? too late?

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Couple of days ago the residents of Tatpatti Bakhal in Indore pelted stones at healthcare workers who went there to screen people in the wake of coronavirus outbreak. 7 people have so far been arrested in this case and still searching for other accused.

This incident of stone pelting has been condemned by everyone across the country and CM Shivraj Chouhan has ensured that all the health workers will get adequate protection and any person or community find assaulting them will be dealt with Iron fist.

In the wake of the stone pelting incident some of Muslim business community collectively has issued an apology letter in the local newspaper to all the people who are in the first line of defence to fight the Corona Virus

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PC -Dainik Bhaskar

In the Apology letter they say the they regret and they dont have words to condemn the stone pelting incident. Those are fighting Corona Virus on ground Zero are next to the God. They assure that this kind of incident will not be repeated in future. They also requested not believe any rumors which will hamper the fight against Corona

Has this apology letter from the Indore Muslim business community is too little too late? its up to the people who are fighting on ground and general people who are following all the regulations religious to decide.

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