Nehru had excellent taste in smoking, Plane was sent just to pickup his brand of cigarette

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Few from the RW are going after this with hammer and tongs. But look at how this little incident brings about the best in Nehru’s leadership.

He had excellent taste in smoking and also was careful about not overdoing the vice. Just one cigarette. Not more than that. No overdoing stuff. He needed just one cigarette after lunch but the loyalty he inspired from his employees, I mean, his followers was akin to Hanuman’s loyalty of Shri Ram! Look at how they acquired the entire carton instead of just that one cigarette.

To add to how he inspired loyalty, his most humble servants didn’t think twice before using taxpayer resources to get his wish fulfilled. This not only shows bravery of not fearing legal consequences but also great prudence for they didn’t spend that money from their own pocket. Where there is less of the self in service that is true selfless service! So you see how truly intelligent people were his followers unlike some leaders of today who have only bhakts as their followers.

Nehru ji was himself a socialist, but didn’t discriminate between capitalist and socialist societies. So instead of the Havana cigar he smoked the British 555. The socialism was symbolic where all the three digits of the name were same. Such was his commitment to equality. Lesser beings won’t understand this passion for equality.

Nehru ji once remarked to the crazy money minded capitalist JRD Tata that he hated the word ‘profit’. These were not just empty words & hollow values. He meant it so he set up a system that would ensure that the exchequer would never be polluted by the word ‘profit’.

His passion, shared by his devoted devotees (not bhakts), ensured that an entire plane was used merely to acquire a pack of cigarettes. Again here you see how preference was not given to a single cigarette but to an entire pack symbolising the spirit of socialism.

Raj Bhawan MP should have noted the date of this historic day, so that India could celebrate it as World Socialism Day by distributing free packets of 555 among the youth. Would have emphasised that Nehruji was as much favourite of the youth as he was of the children.

Next time bhakts talk about what Nehru has done for the nation just throw this infographic at their face. It is this idea of India that the current dispensation is trying so hard to get rid of. But as long as 555 remains in this world, nobody will forget the bravery, resolve & sheer loyalty of those men who bought the Sanjivani Parvat to their leader. Salute!

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