Pandemic, Economic distress, 15 yrs anti-incumbency. Yet NDA wins with complete majority in Bihar.

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  • Once-in-a-century global pandemic.
  • Economic dislocation across the country.
  • Migrant hardships.
  • 15 years of anti-incumbency.
  • Entire media ecosystem aligned against you.

Yet, the NDA wins with complete majority in Bihar.
BJP performs phenomenally

Comfortable reelection of BJP led NDA in Bihar and its sweeping victories in the by-polls, across the length and breadth of the country, is a testimony to the phenomenal popularity of PM Modi. This popularity is not media or PR built but because of hard work on the ground.

The continued popularity of PM Modi also holds lessons. both for his detractors as well as his well wishers.

To the well wishers:
Think about what did PM Modi get right in dealing with the COVID pandemic? Some of it may not sound sexy or set the pulse racing, but it works.

To the detractors of PM Modi:
If your entire polities is built around the fantasies of your Modi hating echo-chamber, then you will always get it wrong. The eco chamber hates PM Modi for the exact reason that people of India love him – a nationalist who delivers development.

  • PM Modi is a nationalist who consigned Article 370 to history and enacted CAA.
  • PM Modi is a last mile delivery man who gets free rations to 800 million people, every month, for 8 months running.
  • PM Modi is a reformer who has freed our farmers after decades of bondage.
  • PM Modi is the executor who is delivering the basic needs – a pucca house over every head which has electricity, tap water, toilet and health assurance.
  • PM Modi is a visionary who is building the India of tomorrow – from Start Ups to entrepreneurs to space race.

However, there is one other gear of PM Modi that we only recently saw. While delivering all round development is in itself tough,yet a leader can plan. But who can plan to handle a situation like COVID-19? Every decision had to be done in real time with no previous template.

The COVID-19 pandemic tested every global leader. One leader who got almost everything right in his response is PM Modi. From the lockdown time, to unlock process; from delivering help to the neediest to enacting reforms-PM Modi got most of it right. Now endorsed by people.

To the Congress under Sonia / Rahul: you have spent the full year in just two activities – abusing PM Modi and trying everything in your power harm India’s national interest. See where you and your party is today. Will Congress learn any lesson? Don’t hold your breath. Finally, the politics of India has permanently shifted.

New India is nationalist. New India is unapologetic. New India is not shy of asserting its civilizational heritage. New India votes for development politics. And BJP is the vehicle for fulfilling these aspirations.

Akhilesh Mishra

CEO, BlueKraft Digital Foundation.

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