Pawar kaka is trying one last attempt at being Prime Minister??

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Look at how fresh Pawar saheb is looking nowadays. The lure of power makes people young. Pawar kaka is trying one last attempt at being PM??
First objective is to get Gandhi’s give up claim to throne for 2024 and support a third front consensus candidate

Will be hard but don’t rule out Pawar trying to get secular establishment to put pressure on Gandhi’s to relent. Today Praful Patel and Sanjay Raut are talking about it. Tomorrow someone like a Ramchandra Guha may talk about it.

Barkha Dutt and Shekar Gupta like fixers may start writing pieces about it. Actually it is the only way 2024 will not be an one sided election if Modi keeps performing well. Combined opposition may be only hope to keep below 272 though it is not likely.

Also in current situation, all top third front contenders are discredited. Nitish Kumar is no longer acceptable. Mamata is working hard to save her CM post, forget PM post. Akhilesh and Mayawati missed the bus when their alliance failed in the 2019 LS polls.

Stalin is not interested in ruling Delhi. He was like Prince Charles waiting on the sidelines forever. YS Jagan is too young to be considered for the PM post. While Naveen Patnaik is considered too close to the BJP. Finally Kejriwal is a pariah even to the third front leaders

So only Pawar has some credit to his name as the sasta chanakya who kept BJP out of power in Maharashtra. Pawar hopes that situation forces more powerful regional satraps to accept him as the consensus PM candidate in the post poll scenario

Pawar hopes that Modi screws up in his implementation of welfare schemes. Not likely to happen but a flurry of protests will be held to keep Modi govt busy quelling fires. A third front getting just enough seats and aided outside support from Congress to cross the line Maybe wishful thinking by Pawar as Modi is going strong. Hence the fear of Pawar and other satraps that the BJP will dethrone Mamata in WB. This gives BJP 30-35 LS seats in 2024. Combined with 60 plus seats of UP, majority seats to NDA in Bihar (BJP 15-20) Modi is unstoppable

Pawar’s chances of being PM would evaporate for ever if Modi wins 2024. Well this is my gut feeling but Pawar’s activities in last few days and interest in WB elections, give enough reasons to suspect his motives.

Mandar Mohan Sawant

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