PM Modi responds to Rahul Gandhi’s ‘no democracy in India’ comment

A day after Congress scion Rahul Gandhi claimed that there is no democracy in India under the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed him for not walking the talk. The former Congress president had said yesterday, “Which democracy are you talking about? Are you talking about India? There is no democracy in India. Democracy in India…it may be in your imagination but not in reality.

PM Modi responded, “Even after Supreme Court has directed that Panchayati and municipal elections should be conducted in Puducherry, the elections are not being conducted there. Those who keep on teaching me lessons on democracy are the ones who are running their government there.” It may be noted that the Congress party is in power in the Union Territory of Puducherry.

At the same time, PM Modi hailed the residents of Kashmir for peacefully conducting elections for the District Development Council and choosing their elected representatives in a short period.

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