Prime Minister Modi has amazing ability of resolving decades pending disputes.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has one amazing ability of resolving decades pending disputes. Here is the list the issue which has been resolved by the Modi Government which were long pending since decades.

  • Passed, ‘Unauthorised Colonies Bill’, which was in demand since last 72 -years.
  • Resolved 72-year old Pakistan-Bangladesh Refugee crisis.
  • Resolved 71-year old disputed Article 370 from J&K.
  • Got successfully Resolved 71-year old ‘Ayodhya’ land dispute.
  • Fulfilled 70-year old demand of ‘Kartarpur Corridor’.
  • Fulfilled the 60-year old pending demand of ‘National War Memorial’
  • Signed ‘Nagaland Peace Accord’ to resolve 59-year old dispute.
  • Fulfilled 56-year old demand for appointment of ‘Lokpal’.
  • Much needed amendment in ‘Enemy Property Act’ after 49-years.
  • Fulfilled 60-year old demand of appointing ‘Chief of Defence Staff’.
  • India, Sri Lanka revisit 45-year old dispute of ‘Palk Strait’.
  • Fulfilled 42-year old Army Veteran’s demand of OROP.
  • Resolved 41-year-old critical Bangladesh border dispute.
  • Got implemented ‘NRC’ in Assam which was pending since 40-years.
  • Initiated to Implement 35-year old Clause 6 of Assam Accord.
  • Enforced Law to resolve 34-year old issue of ‘Triple Talaq’.
  • Fulfilled the 34-year old demand of ‘National Police Memorial’.
  • Implemented New ‘National Education Policy’ (NEP), pending since 34-years.
  • Lunched Kashmiri Pandit rehabilitation plan, pending for 30-years.
  • Resolved 27-year-old Bodoland conflict by signing ‘Bodo accord’.
  • Fulfilled 23-year old promise of resolving Refugee crisis by implementing CAA.
  • Resolved 22-year old ‘Bru’ H’indu Tribal refugee crisis.
  • Fulfilled 20-year old demand for creation of Chief of Defence Staff.
  • Implemented ‘GST’, which was pending since last 18-years.
  • Facilitated ‘Rafale deal’ which was pending since 9-years.
  • Fast tracked construction of ‘Bogibeel Bridge’ which was delayed by 8-years.
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