Ratha Yatra Should not be Stopped!

#RathaYatraShouldNotStop, RathaYatra processions have been historically common in Vishnu-related (Jagannath, Rama, Krishna) traditions in Hinduism across India, in Shiva-related traditions, saints and goddesses in Nepal,with Tirthankaras in Jainism, as well as tribal folk religions found in the eastern states of India.

Notable Ratha Yatras in India include the

  • Ratha jatra of Puri,
  • Dhamrai Ratha yatra
  • Ratha yatra of Mahesh.

Hindu communities outside India, such as in Singapore, celebrate Rathajatra such as those associated with Jagannath, Krishna, Shiva and Mariamman. According to Knut Jacobsen, a Rathajatra has religious origins and meaning, but the events have a major community heritage, social sharing and cultural significance to the organizers and participants.

Ratha Yatras is celebrated in more than 108 cities around the world.
Some prominant Ratha Yatras 

  • Ratha-Yatra at Puri in the state of Odisha, is the largest and most visited Rath Jatra in the world attracting a large crowd every year. 
  • Rathajatra of Mahesh in Serampore, West Bengal Ratha Jatra is the second oldest in the world.
  • Rath Yatra of Kendujhar is the second largest Rath Jatra in the world.
  • RathYatra also takes place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, which is known to be the 3rd largest in the world
  • Sukinda Ratha Yatra in Odisha is also known to attract a large number of devotees.
  • Dhamrai Jagannath Roth, at Dhamrai in #Bangladesh, is the most famous Rath Yatra in Bangladesh.
  • ISKCON Dhaka Ratha Jatra is the second famous Rath Yatra in Bangladesh.
  • Rajbalhat Ratha Yatra, WestBengal, India.
  • People of #Bastar region observe Rathajatra during Dussehara
  • RadhaRani RathYatra, held at the Radha Madhav Dham temple near Austin,Texas, US.
  • RathYatra in Silicon Valley is organized at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, US

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