Read: How Major Mohit Sharma infiltrated and killed Top Hizbul Mujahideen commanders

A Young Kashmiri lad Iftikaar Bhatt, with shoulder length hair and wearing the traditional Kashmiri Pheran, approached the dreaded Hizbul Mujahideen in Shopian, Kashmir sometime during 2003.


When asked why he wanted to fight the Indian army, he threw the choicest expletives at the army in chaste kashmiri, whom he held responsible for his brother’s death during a stone pelting incident.

When his story checked out, he was taken to Pakistan for further training. Unlike other recruits this young lad displayed outstanding initiative and religious zeal and was promptly marked for further leadership and ideological training.

He was finally given a chance to cross the LOC and carry out an attack on an Indian army Outpost. In an unprecedented move, he was deputed directly under Abu Sabjar and Abu Torara(war names), Commanders of Hizbul Mujahideen with decades of effective insurgency experience under their belt, for further grooming and leadership training.

2004 He convinced both that he can carry out an attack on the army outpost causing maximum damage. He took them to a vantage point and detailed his plan, impressing them both.

Abu Sabjar though had a doubt on how this young guy can plan a military attack so meticulously and started asking him questions about his background and story.

Sensing the distrust the young lad gave them his AK47 and said they can shoot him if they don’t trust him and walked a couple of steps away, pulled out his Tokarev 9mm pistol and shot them both Dead.
Two to the chest, one to the head.

Hallmark of an Indian army Para SF operator. The two terrorist commanders didn’t know what or who hit them. Iftikaar Bhatt picked up all the weapons walked to the nearest army camp.

His real name was Major Mohit Sharma, 1 Para SF,(Madras Regiment) Indian army. This officer laid down his life in cordon and search operations in Kashmir in 2009. His last words to his 2IC was, “Make sure not one escapes the net.


Ramnik Mann
Source : Twitter Thread

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