Shackles of childhood marriage

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Totally lost in this vast world
There lives a tiny tootsie
Childhood became HER dream
Nullified HER in a new home
Shackled by early marital status,
Cessating HER very vital needs

Little pari became a puppet
Bought like a grocery from the market
Baby bride left HER home
SHE changed HER name
And Calmed HER tone

Frightened by cantakerous in-laws
Crowned with premature rituals
With succumbed issues of health
SHE birthed progeny in HER twelfth
Religious slaughter
Or intentional tether
HER childhood became a nightmare
And the little bride is no more
Naysayers ended her innocence through lambaste
And SHE finally rested in the crust

Poem by
Navatha Mansanpally

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