Stop! making of joke out of Kannadigas who can’t speak English: Netizens to Stand-up comedian Danish Sait

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This making of caricatures of Kannadigas who can’t speak good English has to stop. Not everybody are privileged to get good English education.

I have seen many rural candidates who have good knowledge of the work they do, but fail just because they think they are not good English speakers.

Howard making fun of Raj Kuthrapali in TBBT is understandable. But our own people making fun of 60% population who can’t speak good English and making it a stereotype, bad.

Remember, every time you laugh at such a joke, you are internalising a false notion that English is the foremost requirement for success in the present world.

Danish Sait is not a Kannadiga, he will make fun of Kannadigas who can’t speak good English. He has successfully made a caricature of ‘quintessential Kannadiga speaking English in a local accent’- Nograj.

I have seen North Indians, Tamilians calling Kannadigas who can’t speak good English- Nograj, I know of candidates being rejected for being the ‘Nograj’ type.

I hope Kannadigas will stop laughing at such attempts to make caricature of our own people in the name of entertainment

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