Telangana CM KCR amongst the worst performing CMs : CVoter Survey

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The CVoter [CENTRE for VOTING OPINION & TRENDS in ELECTION RESEARCH ] conducted a nation wide survey on the performance ratings of the Chief Ministers of different states and the Prime Minister. The survey revealed that only 54% people are satisfied with Telangana CM KCR. CM KCR stood at the bottom in the least popular CMs. While Jagan stood as the fourth most popular CM in the country.

In the survey KCR got 21.16% as unsatisfied, 29.24% as satisfied to some extent and 46% as very much satisfied ratitng. Net scoring for the CM stood at 54.22 which was much below the the average across the country which is at 57.36.

CVoter survey ” State of the Nation 2020: May ” consisted responses from over 3000 people from each state and UT

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