Telangana: Govt deploys “VERA” India’s first automated COVID19 Monitoring System App

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In a major COVID-19 pandemic public health initiative, the Public Health and Family Welfare Department of Telangana, has swiftly deployed India’s first automated “COVID19 Monitoring System App” to identify, undertake live surveillance, track, monitor, and provide real-time analytics to the Chief Minister and the Health Department.

“COVID – 19 Monitoring System App”, enables live surveillance, monitoring, tracking, reporting, and major bulletins. The analytics by the app also facilitate assurance to the stakeholders by providing facts and figures at their fingertips.

“Vera Centralised COVID Monitoring System is a timely technology innovation, eased the pain off by effective surveillance, and deploy a meticulous tech-enabled method to collate vital data, at the click of a button empowering active associates across the state, from the hierarchical polity to bureaucracy to the front line ASHA & ANM workers, to make COVID – 19 a history.

” Director of Public Health Dr. G Srinivas Rao, for COVID surveillance was quoted as saying. More than 5000 ASHA and ANM workers are involved, and are using the App to identify, register, track, monitor and report the health condition of the patients who are home quarantined for symptoms.

Vera COVID 19 centralised monitoring system empowers health callers to handle 50,000 calls / simple chat bot interaction per month, to trace and Geotag COVID contacts across hotspots, covering 33 distr

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