Telangana Liberation: Nizams Origin, History and their Atrocities

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During Nizam rule the population distribution as was on these lines
Telugus : 50%
Marathas : 25%
Kannadigas : 11%
Urdu & Hindi : 14%

Village officials : Patwari’s, Patels, Deshpandes and Deshmukhs – mostly Hindus

Under Nizam Sarkar more than 90% of employees were Muslim’s ( that to for 9% Muslim population , 13% after settling 8,00,000 from other parts of India during August 1947 and 17th September 1948 ), No panchayath’s & Zilla Parishads

Persian was official language until 1880’s & Urdu thereafter was made official language in schools , colleges, University, Government office & High court till end 1948. The 6th Nizam had a Hindu diwan ( PM ) named Kishan Parshad.

Nizams were Islamic supremacist, the last and 7th Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan removed diwan ( PM ) stating “TU KISHAN PARSHAD HAI TOH MEIN KHUDA PARSHAD HUN”, since then only Muslims were the state Prime Ministers

Akbar Hydari, Mirza Ismail, Nawab of Chattari ( twice ) all from outside of the Nizam’s dominion and the last was Mir Laik Ali ( Jan 1948 to 17th Sep 1948 ), he ( Mir Laik Ali ) wrote poetry to “Islam aloft and Hinduism down”

Cited by Sardar Patel Ji when he met the last Nizam when he after liberation ‘Bandh nakheen huva; sunke nidyae takdeer, Jaljala ahi gava riftha; yeh junnar mainbhi

Meaning : The sound of the conch fell silent as the sound of kamal rose. The soil spewed as the earthquake covered the Hindus sacred threads and their other ( cultural ) markers.

The muslim conviction & their slogan were ‘Anal Malik told that every muslim is ruler’, Sovereignty is not with the Nizam but in the Muslim kaum ( community ) roared the ittehads & razakars. Nizams were mortally afraid of Maratha’s.

Nizam sought protection from French and gave coastal Andhra sarkar districts as compensation. The East India company later snatched all of them from the French. They even sought British protection and ceded districts of Raayala Seema to British EastIndia company

What is the current AP was ceded by the Nizam to East India company / British before 18th Century. Nizam was left with Telangana, Maratwaada & Karnataka districts. The British kept contingents of their army in Secunderabad to “protect” the nizams.

 Arrangdizement & Exhaustion

The 7th Nizam Osman Ali Khan used to confor ( sell titles ) Jung, Nawaz Jung, Yar Zung, to whosoever gave more & most ashrafis ( 1 tula or 10gms gold coins ). Nizam got begums from royal families of Turkey Nizam was given the title HEH ( His Exalted Highness ) Sardar Patel Ji said to him “His Exhausted Highness” HEH after liberation 🙂

Mazlis ittehad ul Muslimeen ( MIM popularly known as ittehad founded in 1926 by Mahmood Nawaz Khan a former civil servant in Nizams ruling

Object: Promote ismlamist supremacy among Muslims over Hindus. Keep Nizam as a sovereign in overdependent islamic country no union with India ever Nawaz Khan was succeeded in 1928 by Bahadur Yar Jung. During his tenure 1928-44 the ittehad grew to be the ruler of Muslim minds. Bahadur Yar Jung died in 1944, succeeded by Abdul Hasan Syed Ali whom Nizam removed in 1946. Zung declared that ‘We are the sovereign in the deccan’

In 1938 ittehads constitution was amended to include ‘the person & the throne king of this country. Hyderabad are emanations of the political sovereignty & social supremacy of their community & shall be maintained forever. The ittehad established several daily & weeklies in Urdu, pushed its men into Govt offices & Govt companies – Railways, Road Transport corps, Deccan Airways, Radio Deccan, State telephone, telegraph etc. Imported and settled ethipions muslims ( Habsis ) and now it is called Habsiguda, Yemeni arabs ( barkas ) now this location is called as Barkas. And over a million muslims from other state to SWELL their population. 

Kasim Razvis ideology & Rise of Razakars

Kasim Razvi became president of ittehad in 1946. A law graduate from AMU, a small time lawyer from Latur in Maraatwaada. His advisor was Syed Taqui-ud-din a former ICS officer. Razvi tranformed ittehad into a fascist party. Razakars pledge was “in the name of allah i do hereby promise to fight to the last to maintain supremacy of Muslim power in the deccan”. Razvi insisted on ‘the right of Muslims to enslave hindus’ & threatened that he will burn 165 lakh Hindus if Indian troops invaded Hyderabad. Established 52 command & control centres, pressured Govt to ban, repair or build Hindu temples, and also pravachans by swamis & saadhus, threatened direct action on Govt & Hindus if acceded to Indian union. Celebrated weapons week in March’48 & dressed in field marshalls uniform, took salute from marchpast of razakars.

Razvi told muslims that we are grand sons of Md.Ghazni & Babur. Muslims always created new geography would not be content with one pakistan in the deccan. Would knit India & the world into pakistan – Kasim Razvi Early morning at 3’O clock on 2nd Aug 1947, 25K+ razakars gheraoed the lake view guest house of nizams delegates who were to go to Delhi for meeting with GOI’s men & did not allow them to emplane, they forced resignation of PM Chattari & others & got appointed Mir Ali Khan as PM 

Atrocities of Razakars

Hanging heads down,legs tied to tree branches & lighting fires below the heads of hanging people. Loot, molest, rape, abduct,burn, lifted cattle, sheep, lambs, poultry, rice/pulses. Snatch forcefully nose, ear studs, gold bangles, chains & leaving bleeding bodies. Collect women, strip them naked, firce them to dance bathukamma & outrage them in front of husband and children’s. Set fire whole villages. Raid Union territory villages, and carry above atrocities under the protection of Nizam’s eye. Razakars stopped a train at Gandlapur pulled out women disorbed them forced them to perform Bathukamma, beat them on delicate parts and raped them in 1st week of Sep 1947.

Nehru narrated this incident to the press in Delhi but did nothing. 1st Dec 1939 Friday in Hyderabad after prayers more than 200 razakars looted shops, molested women on streets & shouted ‘kafiroko maaro’ they saw Shri VedPrakash arya samajist functionary & cut him into pieces with swords & knives. Earlier he was asked to convert into islam. Jangaon a satagopachari was killed

Humnabad razakars attakhed dusshera procession 1939 Hanumakonda dusshera procession was attacked by ittehads harijans, hundreds wounded

Bairanpalli – 182 villagers weee brutally got killed, bodies were thrown into wells. On 10th Jan 1948 Bibinagar Kasim Razvi was felicitated as on crowning event houses were looted and set on fire, raped. Razvi warned people not to oppose Nizams independence. Amarchintha, Nellikonda, Appampali, Parkala lambada thandas were invaded by razakars. Brave lambada women blew mirchi powder into rapists eyes. They cut off male organs of those trying to rape. How Telangana fought Razakars

Petitions to Nizam

Village level squads, slings, axes, desi rifles & spears as weapons, Women heroines like Chaakali Ailamma Gaaru, Komaram Bhim Gaaru a Gond tribe librated 12 villages

Arya Samaj
Satyagraha When Nizam surrendered to Patel Ji on 17Sep48 they have given their ammunition to communist guerillas. These communists found the Indian forces till September 1951

Under Stalins advice to a secret delegation of CPI to Moscow.Communists gave up & participated in 1951-52 elections MIM became AIMIM in 1958

Owaisis are the Salars – now a 3rd generation

Jan 2020 in Bhainsa village saw similar pattern of looting & burning of Hindu homes repeated. Please read Dhananjay Keers, Dr Ambedkar Ki Jivani Page 334 on Shri Ambedkar Ji’s view. 

Those who don’t learn from the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them – George Santayana 

For the rest of our lives and the lives of our children, we are going to be confronted people who dong want to live peacefully in a secular pluralistic world, because they are desperate to get paradise – Sam Harri

Raju Busa

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