Telangana: Lockdown a complete letdown? Social distancing a myth to the Leaders and Reps

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It’s been two days the country is observing lock down and particularly in Telangana CM KCR was very much aggressive to convey the importance of lockdown, social distancing and staying at home . He went to say he will not hesitate to bring Army and Shoot at site orders in the Press Conference. All this was hailed by Telangana people for his aggressive approach.

As the Day 1 started the city and state witnessed chaos, huge numbers throng the police stations for a vehicle pass to go out of the state. There was a long queue at the Police stations across Hyderabad. As the day progressed there is an unprecedented crowds stopped at TG-AP border check post. The Andhra govt did not allow the people coming from Telangana state.

People were stranded for about 7 hours they were seen without masks and all are in close contact in groups there was about 7000 people stuck at the Check post. it was resolved only after the intervention of two CM’s. The crowds continue to second day at check posts. Markets in Hyderabad were full of crowd the police were not seen maintaining the “Social Distance” in markets.

Whilst all this CM KCR called out his TRS leaders and public representatives to join the police in the ground to ensure proper Lock down and social distancing is maintained. The MLA’s and public Representatives came on the streets, however didn’t cared about the guidelines but all they were seen in groups and meeting CM, KTR. Also the intent was to do more Photo-op rather than helping the people.

Here is a thread which clearly shows how the TRS completely letdown the Lockdown in Telangana. This is a major failure of the TRS governement in maintaining the Lock Down. The Corona positive cases are on the rasie, but the representatives are showing a blind eye.

The people who religiously following the regulations of Lockdown are worried how authorities are not serious of the social distancing. Hope CM KCR will pulls up his socks and take the situation seriously and stop this public representatives in intervening on Ground.

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