Telangana: RSS not checking IDs of any commuters, we are only helping the needy : RSS Secretary

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During any natural calamities or unexpected crisis situations be it Floods, earthquake, drought or made made crisis, the Swayamsevaks of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) reaches ground zero and get involved in service of society.

The Sangh swayamsevaks network with various organisations in providing service in various localities and villages. They also work with the government establishment to aid them in areas where manpoweris required. 

The current lockdown due to Corona virus pandemic has created an unexpected requirement from various quarters in society.  Swayamsevaks in Telangana have been providing service in 369 places providing assistance to over 25000 families.

There are some news in some sections of media and social media alluding that Sangh swayamsevaks are checking ID cards of the commuter and guarding check-posts in Telangana is completely false and motivated by narrow and vested interests.

RSS swayamsevaks do not interfere with the work of the administration and perform activities only after getting proper and full concurrence from the local administration.

Press Release
Sri Kacham Ramesh
Prant Karyavah ( State Secretary )
RSS , Telangana

VSK Telangana

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