Telangana utilized less than 46% of allotted Nirbhaya Funds.

The Nirbhaya Fund was created in 2013 after the horrific & inhumane Delhi gangrape and murder case. Nirbhaya funds is intended for projects taken up for the safety and security of women in public places. The central government has allotted funds to Telangana Government under this project, but the funds have not been utilized as per the norms.

To a reply submitted to an activist seeking details on Nirbhaya funds which reveals that Central government had allotted Rs.16.81 crore funds between 2015-2016 but the Telangana Government has spent only Rs.7.59 crore till March 2020. This particular RTI (Right to Information) was filed by Mr. Jalgam Sudheer expressing displeasure over the under utilization of Nirbhaya funds by Telangana Government.

RTI activist Sudheer demanded that strict action should be taken against the officials in laxity in utilizing the funds allotted. It was stated that the remaining funds are still under utilization. When checked about the proposal of state government for Nirbhaya funds the RTI stated that no such proposal or letter was received from the Telangana government.

The RTI also stated that the Nibhaya funds were used by state government only for Sakhi centres. It is also to be noted that the Telangana government has also received Rs.644.24 lakh under the Swadhar scheme from 2016-2020 and Rs. 207.79 lakh under Ujjawala scheme. The Swadhar scheme is to help women get rehabilitation to lead a good life and the Ujjawala Scheme is for rehabilitation and rescue from human trafficking.

Sangeetha Thakur

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