The Grand “Old Man Of India” Dadabhai Naoroji

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On this September 4 let’s remember the Grand Old Man Of India Dadabhai Naoroji, who is a moderate freedom fighter & is famous for his Economic drain theory of india proposed in 1867 which later got published in 1901 in his book “Poverty and Un-British rule in India”.

Moderates believed in British liberalism, that Loyalty to the British will protect India’s future despite after knowing the injustice done by British in Naoroji’s earlier Drain theory,

Naoroji in his 1871 London Speech said

“Our great misfortune is that you don’t know our wants when you will know our real wishes, I have not the least doubt that you would do justice. The Genius and Spirit of the British people is fair play and justice”.
And then in 1886 Naoroji contested to British parliament and got defeated, in 1892 he contested again from central Finsbury, London on a liberal party ticket emerging victorious becoming the first Asian to get elected to British parliament.

After a year later in 1893 in his Poona address he went on saying “Until we are able to satisfy the British people, that what we ask is reasonable and that we ask it in earnest, we cannot hope to get what we ask for, for the British are a justice – loving people… (and) at their hands, we shall get everything that is calculated to make us British citizens” – Nanda 1998 : 40-67.

Moderates continued their so called persuading british until the atmosphere among people increased that Moderates failed in persuading british failed even during human sufferings famine in India where the British government deliberately withdrew supply of food grains in areas that suffered most saying that it would avoid famine in places where there was apparently no crisis of food and their failure during partition of bengal – 1905.

It is after the pressure from extremists that Congress president Dadabhai Naoroji had to endorse resolutions on boycott of foreign goods, Swadeshi movement and Self Government in 1906.

In 1907 returned to Bharath from London after his ill health and took retirement from political life and finally in 1917 he passed away.

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