The Harsh Reality and TRS atrocities behind Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir

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Kondapochamma reservoir is built as part of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme, this reservoir covering about 6000 acres across 6 villages in Gajwel constituency. It will irrigate 90,000 acres in Awarngal, Mulugu and Gajwel Mandals. However effect of this reservoir 3 villages will be completely submerged

People of the 3 villages, Mamidala, Birampur and Tanedarpally who lost their lands and houses were assured right compensation and new houses built in R&R ( Rehabilitation and Resettlement ) colony.

However the reality of what those people of 3 Villages had to under go is no less than shocking and heart breaking. People allege that they were not compensated and they approached court as TRS govt has betrayed them

Citizen named Sai Aditya who came to know about this went to people to find out the truth. Here is what he has unearthed and listen to the atrocities from the horse mouth

On April 30, TRS forcefully evacuated them them inspite of have court stay order. as per sources about 3000 policemen were used by the state govt to evacuate the villages forcefully

Here is the full length video, do watch it till end to know the harsh reality and TRS atrocities behind Kondapochamma reservoir

Videos & Tweets by Sai Aditya

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