The Real Queen Kangana Ranaut is Back in Action!

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What would you do if you were constantly bullied by your counterparts, your home was illegally demolished by an incompetent government, were called names and insulted in the media by a bunch of attention seeking librandus, all at the same time?

The very thought of facing such extreme repercussions for speaking the truth sends shivers down the spine of many. However, in this particular case, the victim was none other than the queen of millions of hearts, Kangana Ranaut. If you are a movie buff and reside in Bharat, then it’s highly unlikely that you would have missed the recent backlash that Kangana had to face for seeking justice in the mysterious death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

It all started on June 14, 2020 when Sushant was found dead in his apartment. The Mumbai Police soon released a statement that Sushant Singh Rajput had committed suicide and shut the case in the blink of an eye. But obviously, it wasn’t that simple. Many factors such as interferences in the post-mortem procedure, the police inaction pertaining to filing an FIR and involvement of a drug nexus pointed out that it was far from a suicide. Soon, the Hindi film industry was divided into two factions. This is when Kangana Ranaut took to social media and bluntly raised her voice against the nepotism and bullying which people coming from outside have to face in Bollywood.

Thereafter, many well-known faces came out in support of Kangana while others launched a scathing attack on her. Kangana’s fight was not just limited to the film industry. She was also unapologetically vocal about the inability of the ruling party in Maharashtra, the Maha Vikas Aghadi in providing justice to Sushant’s family. Unable to digest the embarrassment, a senior politician like Sanjay Raut of the Shiv Sena stooped too low, calling her derogatory names. In their fit of rage and ignorance, the Maharashtra government hit a new low when they demolished Kangana Ranaut’s house without following the due procedure as prescribed by the law. Looking at the reckless attitude of the state government and the increasing number of threats to Kangana’s life, the BJP government at the center provided her with Y+ category security.

When one reads about the tyranny of the Maha Vikas Aghadi, it is impossible not to draw a reference from the movie Manikarnika which talks about British oppression and coincidentally starred Kangana in it. Similar to the role she played on reel, Kangana proved to the world yet again that she is a real life queen and undue oppression from the tyrants cannot break her spirit. While Kangana has definitely given a new dimension to the idea of woman empowerment, she has also emerged as a ray of hope for the millions of nationalists of Bharat.

Dinesh Vaswani

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