“ThePrint is one of the most biased and fake news factory”:Kapil Mishra

Delhi BJP senior leader Kapil Mishra have called out media house “ThePrint” as one of the most biased and fake news factory.

Kapil Mishra have tweeted that one of the journalist from ThePrint have approached him to do a story on him on the support he getting in Delhi wrt to the Riots that have seen last week

Here is the whatsapp conversation Screen shot which is shared by Kapil Mishra, where journalist from ThePrint asking for appointment to meet up to do story. She said the she is finding lot of support for him ans want to do a story on the same

In response Kapil said that please use this response as official quote ” ThePrint is one the most biased and fake news factory,

“There is support for me despite your fake agenda and constant hate campaign against me. Everyone on the ground you meet will support me other that the fake news factories like ThePrint. I dont actuallu need your story to establish that. People of Delhi have rejected your propaganda outrightly”

Kapil Mishra also said “ you better do a story on how cute is Sharukh was in his childhood or how bad Hindus have forced Tahir to become terrorist”

Here is the tweet of Kapil Mishra

Kapil Mishra was reffering to the artivle where ThePrint Editor Shekhar Gupta tried to normalise & white wash terrorist Shraukh

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