Three Aces, One Mission Maharastra Mandate Retribution!

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Sameet Thakkar, political Analyst, social media influencer, who has been in news couple of days ago, as case has been filed against him for exercising his freedom of expression against Uddhav and Aditya Thackeray. Sameer has penned down his opinion and analysis on current situation in Maharastra

Sameet in his previous twitter thread have explained that how the Maharashtra Political chessboard is set up for exciting times from July to November. Below is the link of the thread ( go through this if you haven’t yet, before any further).

Sameet has strong opinion that Amit shah holds three aces and a political turmoil is awaiting in Maharastra politics, read in his words !

Today I will tell you that one thing which will send political tremors of such huge magnitude to Maharashtra after almost 42 Yrs. In July 1978 young Sharadrao Pawar broke a faction of congress to become CM of the State at age of 38 replacing Vasantdada Patil.

Something similar is on the cards with slight difference this time.After MP & currently Rajasthan the master strategist Amit Shah has an eye on Maharashtra but with more vengeance. He is currently holding 3 Aces in his hands which at any given time can throw Uddhav Thackeray Government with 72hrs flat.

So what & who are these 3 Aces ?
What are they upto ?

The three aces are none other than the 3 very strong leaders of one particular party having support backing of 30+ current MLA of their party to rebel against their Top bosses.

These 3 leaders are backed by one of the most powerful & influential Businessmen having business interest in Petroleum & lately in Telecom sector. So who are these three leaders ?(ACES) & what are they upto ?

One among the three Ace is a former two time MP from the city of Dreams. His late father was once a Petroleum minister in Union Government of India.

The other two Aces are currently ministers in Uddhav Thackeray Government but their is one similarity between these Two Aces, both their late Fathers was former CM of Maharashtra.

With these 3 Aces and the support they are having of 30+ MLA the State Political landscape is going to witness tremors like never before (breaking the 2/3 party) So that Anti defection law doesn’t arises.

In this way the Master Strategist is working on avenging the betrayal of Shiv Sena. As I said in previous threads the max this Uddhav Government can survive is 30th Nov 2020. Endgame Udddhav Thackeray is near #JaiMaharashtra#JaiHind

Sameet Thakkar

Social Media influence, Political Analyst
Disclaimer: The opinions/facts expressed within this article are the personal opinions/facts of the author

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