TRS is doubled faced on Cow Slaughtering : T Raja Singh

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BJP legislator T Raja Singh Welcomes Home Minister Statement not to slaughter the cows on this Eid ul-Adha aka Bakrid, however he has accused that TRS Govt is double faced, as they do completely opposite on Cow slaughter on ground by helping the slaughter houses

There’s a Supreme Court order not to slaughter cows, calves . Yet an incident happened yesterday, cows and calves were shifted to homes for slaughtering in Rajender Nagar

He also questioned If the Telangana home minister is serious in his appeal, then why they are arresting Gau Rakshaks and sending them to jail ? and also alleged that police are giving protection to the persons in illegal shifting of cow calves to slaughter places on Bakrid.

Raja Singh called out CM KCR, said KCR should remember his own words as he claimed to be a Kattar Hindu. Therefore challenged KCR that “if you are kattaru hindu stop this Gau Vadha and also said don’t be slavery to AIMIM”

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Who are helping or In slaughtering Cows will definitely become annihilation. Also Said if cow slaughter in kingdom that king is also a part of Sin. Along with his team of “gau rakshaks” will be active in all districts of the state and will intercept any transport vehicle that carries cows.

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