TRS MLA Dharma Reddy says Officers from lower castes have ‘Spoiled’ the state..

TRS MLA Dharma Reddy says Officers from lower castes have ‘Spoiled’ the state..

In a controversial remark, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MLA Dharma Reddy on Sunday said that the state has been spoiled by officers belonging to backward castes. Addressing a meeting in Warangal, the MLA said, “The economically backward people in top castes are suffering so much injustice, they are poorer when compared to other castes and it is visible.

Even after getting 99 marks, they could not secure a job and there are such people in this meeting.” Reddy mentioned that all government officers include officers from backward castes, who don’t know any work, which has led to the state becoming ‘spoiled’, adding that there was an outrage among upper castes due to this matter.

“Today for example in our constituency, they came to us and said there is a good officer (Officer from Backward caste). I asked them if he excelled in his work to which they replied in affirmative and then he was brought here. He (Officer from Backward Caste) doesn’t know a single word, I asked them that why did they bring such an officer here, their reply was that when asked to give his signature, he will sign wherever we want but if a good officer comes he will refuse to sign.”

Responding to Reddy’s statements, Senior Telangana Congress leader and spokesperson Sravan Dasoju on Monday slammed the TRSMLA and called for filing a criminal case against him for ‘racist arrogance’.

“Criminal case should be filed against TRS MLA Challa Dharma Reddy for his racist arrogance and derogatory comments on downtrodden sections,” he tweeted

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