True Indology busts fake claims made by Javed Akhtar about Alauddin Khilji

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Self proclaimed Atheist Javed Akhtar @Javedakhtarjadu appeared on national TV. He glorified Khilji and other invaders. He said those who oppose him do not know history. True Indology examines Javed Akhtar’s fake claim with sources


At 16.08, Tarek Fateh says “Khilji burnt Nalanda & a station is named after him” referring to Bakhtiyar Khilji. Javed Akhtar responds with “but Alauddin was a great defender

Javed who tells others to read history himself doesn’t know difference between Bakhtiyar & Alauddin. Trying to project Khilji as secular, Javed Akhtar claims Khilji refused to go to Dargah of Nuzamuddin Auliya.

This is FAKE.
Khilji visited Auliya’s Dargah. From Amir Khward’s “Sirat Ul Awliya”
Check this link

Javed Akhtar’s story of Khilji refusing to visit Nizamuddin Auliya is NOT mentioned anywhere at all!, This is clearly FAKE!

Even today, the story of Alauddin Khilji’s visit to the Dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya is told and retold. At 17.20, Javed Akhtar says “Alauddin Khilji constructed forts in Kandahar and stopped Mongols”

This is another FAKE claim.
Alauddin Khilji NEVER ventured until Kandahar. His kingdom ended at river Indus. Multan was west border of Khilji. Even Peshawar belonged to the Mongols. In those days, Kandahar was known as “Tiginabad” & it was firmly in the hands of Mongols.

The region of Afghanistan, including Khilji’s own homeland Khalj, was in the hands of Mongol commander Qatlagh Qocha followed by his successor Daud Qocha. They frequently raided Punjab.


Regarding Khiljis “saving” India:
Khilji’s father himself ran away to India to save himself from Mongols. Mongols conquered ancestral Khilji lands in Central Afghanistan. Khilji & his father could do nothing. Today, no Khiljis there. You find Hazaras with Mongol features. This “Khilji defeated Mongols” trope has been trumped out of sense and reality. Here is a fact check.

Khilji mever defeated the Great Mongol empire. The Great Mongol empire disintegrated in 1259 after the death of Mongke Khan, 4 decades before Alauddin Khilji even became king. After the disintegration of the Great Mongol Empire, a small breakaway faction known as “Chagatai Khanate” was formed whose kings claimed descent from royal Mongol line.

It was with this small Chagatai faction that Allauddin khilji waged wars. And every war was defensive. Khiljis themselves were refugees who fled Afghanistan in the wake of Mongol conquests and found employment with Delhi Sultanate.

Throughout Khilji’s reign, Chagatai Khanate held ancestral Khilji lands in Afghanistan and there was nothing Khilji could do about it. Khilji’s empire ended at Indus. All regions to the north and west of Indus were controlled by Chagatai Khanate.

Thus, all the ancestral homelands of Pashtuns, Afghans and Khiljis were held by Non Muslim Kafir Chagatais. Khilji couldn’t even dream of liberating his own homeland. Chagatais sent a few raid parties across Indus into Alauddin Khalji’s Kingdom. Because Chagatais were nomadic horse archers, they were quite ineffective against Khilji’s forts and siege engines.

Khilji defeated these raid parties and his court poets glorified him to skies Regarding Khilji’s price control. Yes, Khilji controlled prices.. for his Muslim subjects. By “grinding down Hindus & reducing them to abject poverty” in his own words.

Khilji’s rules

  1. No Hindu should hold up his head
  2. No Gold/Silver should be seen in houses of Hindus.Continuing Khilji’s rules for Hindus
  3. Every Hindu, whether rich of poor, had to pay 50% of produce to the state.
  4. Every animal grazed by Hindus was taxed irrespective of poor or rich.
  5. Hindu was NOT allowed to ride on a horse, keep arms, wear fine clothes, enjoy luxuries.

Here is how Alauddin Khilji’s Qazi collected Jizya Tax from Hindus.

  1. “When a Hindu pays Jizya tax, the collecting officer must throw dirt into the mouth of Hindus”
  2. “because Allah says ‘Keep Hindus under submission'”
  3. “To keep Hindus under poverty is a religious duty”Alauddin Khilji indeed kept prices very low…. of slave girls and boys.

The price of a slave serving girl = 5-12 Tankas
Slave Concubine=20- 40 Tankas.
Male slave= 100-200 Tankas
Hand­some lad =20-30 Tankas
Domestic slave= 17-18 Tankas
Apart from looting Hindus & subjecting them to poverty, what else did Khilji do to keep prices low. Of course, punishments!

Khilji fixed the price. Any Hindu trader who did not sell at that price was flogged. If a trader kept a low weight, flesh was cut off from his buttocks.


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Twitter thread by True Indology
Disclaimer: The opinions/facts expressed within this article are the personal opinions/facts of the author

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